Uplnd Stoke

What gets you stoked?

For us, it's riding our mountain bikes. From high alpine wide-open views to forested flowy trails, getting out and riding bikes is our passion for life. We're stoked to ride.

Frame damage is the kryptonite to our stoke. There seemed to be no good way to protect our beloved bikes. That's how the idea for Uplnd Stoke was born.

Uplnd Stoke is a team of avid mountain bikers who saw a need for better frame protection. We ride hard and we ride often. Down time is no fun. Our frame protection products help give you peace of mind.

Uplnd Stoke designs and manufactures our products in Golden, Colorado. We take advantage of our local trails to test our products and ensure durability.  We are proud to be part of this great community.

~ Protect your Bike. Protect your Stoke. ~