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Preserve the stock look of your bike! Whether you're applying to a new bike or one you've ridden for years, a transparent Antik™ will protect your carbon frame and let your bike's good looks shine through. Our logo is subtly printed in semi-transparent ink to remind you of the protection. Antiks are available in gloss or matte finish. We recommend matte for a dull finish frame; gloss for a shiny finish. 

Bike-specific Antiks are pre-sized and include relief cuts to make installation a breeze. We've done all the trimming for you.

Every Antik includes Shenanigans to protect your handlebars, fork, and crank arms, and an installation tool.

Please note:  these pictures show examples of transparent Antiks on different bikes.  If you order a bike-specific Antik, it may be for a bike not included in these pictures.

Antiks provide the following features:

  • Pieces are pre-cut for your specific bike (we've done all the work for you!)
  • Substantial scratch protection for your carbon frame (top tube, down tube, head tube, chain stays, and seat stays) to guard against stray rocks, sticks, and inevitable transport abuse
  • Fast installation with no need to disassemble your bike (installation guide  included with every kit)
  • Easy, bubble-free application (just peel & stick, and easily reposition pieces until you find the perfect fit)
  • Corner and edge coverage provides comprehensive protection
  • Won't peel or yellow over time.
  • Lobster Tail Technology™ (LTT) relief cuts conform to curves
  • Wrinkle Avoidance Beans™ (WABs) prevent wrinkles around contours
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Weight:  less than 90 grams for a full kit
  • Designed and produced in the USA (in Golden, Colorado)


Customer Reviews

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easy to apply

surprisingly easy to apply. the downtube piece could definitely been broken up into smaller pieces though. That was the only one that was really difficult to apply

Ibis Ripmo

Even after following directions and taking my time I'm disappointed with the finished product. Installed on a brand new never ridden frame and there spots that won't stick. I imagine this will start to peel away after a season of riding. Also, air bubbles formed days after install and the cloudiness has not gone away.


Putting the Antik on my SB100 was pretty easy, although I wish I had used a hair dryer from the start to make things easier. It took about an hour to do and was pretty straight forward. It's not obvious there's a wrap on the bike from a distance. Some of the more intricate, curvy edges of the Antik didn't stick super well, but I think it would have worked a lot better if I used some heat. I will do that when I put Antik on my next bike.

Great Product, great customer service!

Fit is great. WAY stronger than anything else out there. Get your bike wrapped right away to preserve resale value and keep it looking new. Highly recommended.

Yeti SB100 Antik Kit

This kit fit great, very thick material, and installs easy. Best kit for the money I have used. Very happy!!

Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent
Antik™ Transparent