Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke
Bike Frame Protection | Uplnd Stoke

Hijinx™ 2.0 Bike Frame Protection - Transparent

Regular price$79.99

Our best selling protection just got better! One kit. Any bike. Give your bike the protection it deserves. The Hijinx™ 2.0 will fit any mountain bike frame* and provide substantial scratch and light impact protection to keep it looking new. Available in gloss or matte finish, these transparent kits allow you to ride harder and worry less.

Hijinx kits contain modular chips to extend protection where you want it. Large pieces include relief cuts that contour around frame curves to make installation a breeze. We analyzed more than 50 bike-specific kits to identify optimal shapes and sizes for each piece. Trimming may be required to fit some bikes, but we did most of the work for you.

*Some 2021/22 trail bike frames are not recommended - please email us before purchase.

Be sure to add Shenanigans to protect your handlebars and fork lowers!

Hijinx 2.0 kits provide the following features:

  • Substantial scratch protection for your carbon frame
  • Easy installation (no need to disassemble your bike!)
  • Dry, bubble-free application (just peel & stick, and easily reposition pieces to get the perfect fit)
  • Won't peel or yellow over time.
  • Lobster Tail Technology™ (LTT) relief cuts conform to curves
  • Wrinkle Avoidance Beans™ (WABs) prevent wrinkles around contours
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Weight: less than 100 grams for a full kit
  • Proudly designed and produced in Durango, Colorado, USA

What's in the box:

  • Frame protection material to cover your top tube, down tube, head tube, seat tube, chain stays, and seat stays, plus bonus patches to place where you want
  • Each piece is labeled so you'll know what goes where
  • Quick Installation guide
  • Squeegee tool to assist installation


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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Kyle Lewis (Denver, US)
Best Stuff in the Game

I have used many other frame protections and always come back to Uplnd Stoke, very high quality and you can cover every inch of your frame. Love the stuff.

Santiago Mino (Denver, US)
Awesome product

Received it on time. Comes in a a folder size package with all the tools. Looks great on the bike. I used a blow dryer fior application, it helped in areas where it folds in different directions. BTW this is my third bike using this product.

Jimmy C (Littleton, US)

I’ll be using the hijinx 2.0 on my third bike now. I like the ease of applying it. The directions help a lot. It quiets the bike a little bit to. Highly recommend.

Phill F. (Denver, US)
Great wrap

I’ve used many wrap products for many bikes. I’ve now used Uplnd Stoke for my last two bikes. Definitely the easiest to apply and it forms a very durable layer of protection. Despite its thickness, it easily forms around curves. I use gloves to avoid finger prints and a hair dryer to soften it as I’m pressing it down. Works great! Highly recommend.

Anonymous (Denver, US)
Not ideal for Santa Cruz Hightower

One size does not fit all… I purchased the Hijinx 2.0 for my ‘21 Santa Cruz Hightower (Large) thinking all would be honky dory and it was not the case. The generic frame decals do not resemble the SC Hightower frame one bit, especially the entire rear triangle. Had to make numerous relief cuts everywhere and cut custom pieces all over the place. I had to Frankenstein the decals to cover areas where the generic pieces were supposed to fit. Aside from durable decal materials, I would avoid this kit and go with frame/model - specific kit for ease of install and overall aesthetics. This kit was a complete let-down and should have returned prior to install.

Thank you for this feedback. We are working on another version to offer for bikes that have much larger tubing than previous models that did fit our universal kits.

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