Installation Tips


Follow these steps for an optimal installation.  Our warranty is only valid on products that are installed correctly.

  1. Wash your bike. This is the least fun step, but it is also one of the most important. Our vinyl won't stick if your frame is covered in dirt or grime.

  2. Work comfortably. Work in an environment between 60–90 degrees F (15-32 degrees C) that is free from excessive wind/dust. The bike frame and vinyl kit should also be in this temperature range.

  3. Wipe the frame with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will remove any leftover gunk and prevent the protection from peeling. Moisten a lint-free cloth (microfiber work great) with rubbing alcohol and wipe the parts of the frame that will be protected.

  4. Wash your hands. Be sure to keep your hands and fingers clean. Try to avoid touching the adhesive. If you touch your chain or gears when installing a piece, be sure to clean any grease off of your hands before moving on to the next piece.

  5. Determine where the pieces go. Our frame protection kits can be separated out as pieces which allows you to hold a piece to your bike to see how it will fit before your expose the adhesive. For this step, keep the paper backing on and hold the piece against your frame. Make mental notes of guides (paint lines, curves, etc.) on your frame that you can use to help center the protection pieces. This step only takes a few seconds and is worth doing for every piece.

  6. Peel and position. Our kits are intended for dry installation. No need to spray any kind of water/soap solution. The adhesive has low and high tack properties: low tack will hold the piece to your frame but allow you to pull it up for repositioning; high tack activates the stronger adhesive.

    Once you know where a piece goes, peel part of the paper backing to expose the adhesive (you'll avoid fingerprints if you don't peel all of the backing at once). Position the piece where it looks centered and use light pressure (brush lightly with your fingers) to activate the low tack. Peel the backing off the rest of the piece as you go. After the piece is on the frame with low tack, take a step back and double-check that the piece is positioned properly. If adjustment is required, gently pull the piece up and try again (see Removal tips below for details).

  7. Apply firm pressure. Once you get a piece oriented properly, use firm pressure to fully activate the adhesive. The included installation tool can help with this step. Start in the center of the piece and work your way toward the edges. The vinyl can stretch over curves, and can also be squished where needed to avoid wrinkles.

  8. Reward yourself.  When you finish, do something nice for yourself. You can immediately ride your freshly protected bike. Then grab a beverage and fuel your stoke! Then tell your friends what you did so they too can #getstoked

  9. Final notes:
  • Cloudiness. The protection might look slightly cloudy after installation. This will clear within about 24 hours of application.
  • Keep your hands clean! This will avoid trapping dirt between the protection pieces and your bike frame.
  • Take your time. A few extra minutes can help ensure that your Hijinx fits well and provides the protection your bike deserves.


Follow these steps to remove a kit:

  1. Be gentle. Our kits are strong enough to stay on your frame to protect it from damage. Go slowly, don't rip anything off too quickly and don't pull at 90 degrees (toward you). Instead, peel and edge and pull the vinyl back on itself.

  2. Add a little heat. If you want to be extra careful, add mild heat to a piece before peeling it (by using a hair dryer). It doesn't take much -- don't add a ton of heat or you could risk damaging your carbon frame.

  3. Final tips:
  • Use heat when in doubt. It will make the removal process easier.
  • Be extra gentle with damaged frames. If your kit was installed on top of pre-existing frame damage, use caution when removing a kit. Cracked or damaged paint could be made worse during removal. We are not liable if preexisting damage or factory paint defects are worsened by removal of our products.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We're here to help!