1. Q: How do I install a kit?
    A: It's easy! Visit our Installation Tips page.

  2. Q: Can I install this myself, or should I pay a bike shop to install it?
    A: You can do it yourself! However, your local bike shop would be happy to do it for you for a nominal charge. 

  3. Q: Can I install this on my alloy frame or components?
    A: Our products are intended to be installed on carbon or painted surfaces. Kits may not adhere as well to raw alloy surfaces (such as raw alloy frames or unpainted alloy handlebars).

  4. Q: How long will it take to install a kit on my bike?
    A: We designed our kits to be installed quickly and easily. It will take about one hour for most people to install an Antik. Shenanigans take less than 15 minutes. We want you to spend your time riding your bike, not protecting it.

  5. Q: Do I have to disassemble my bike to install a kit?
    A: No. We designed our kits to not require removal of any bike parts.

  6. Q: Can I install a kit on a new frame?
    A: Yes. New frames are shiny and unscathed, which is the best time to protect your bike. Be sure to follow our Installation Tips for optimal installation.

  7. Q: Can I install a kit on a used  frame?
    A: Yes, just be sure that the bike is cleaned properly. Please note: if your frame has pre-existing damage (i.e., paint damage), be careful if you choose to remove the frame protection after it is installed. We cannot be held liable if your paint is damaged and some of the damage is made worse when the frame protection is peeled off. Follow our Installation Tips for optimal installation.


  1. Q: How do I remove a kit?
    A: Removal is easy. Please visit our Installation Tips page for instructions.

  2. Q: Can I transfer my kit from one bike to a different bike?
    A: No. Once a kit is fully installed and then removed, the adhesive will not stick properly to a another bike.


    1. Q: Are your kits guaranteed protect my frame from any and all damage?
      A: Our kits provide a substantial layer of protection, but we can't guarantee that your frame will be protected in any and all events. If you smash into a boulder while riding at high speed, attack your frame with an axe, drop a bowling ball on your bike, run your bike over with a tank, throw your bike off a cliff, etc., you will likely sustain damage. Our products offer a substantial layer of protection, but there are limits.

    2. Q: Will this material withstand any and all scuffs?
      A: The scratch protection is designed to act as a sacrificial layer to protect your frame underneath. The frame protection layer might become scuffed as it soaks up scratches and dings that would have otherwise damaged your frame.

    3. Q: Does an Antik cover my entire frame?
      A: Antiks are designed to cover parts of the frame that are most susceptible to damage. Between our personal riding and experience working on thousands of bikes as a mechanic, we know where frames most need protection.

    4. Q: Do all of your bike-specific kits cover the exact same parts of a frame?
      A: Not quite. All of our kits cover the same frame tubes, but some frames have curves or bulges where others don't, so a bike-specific kit for a Pivot Firebird 29 will offer slightly different coverage than a kit for a Yeti SB150, for example.

    5. Q: How much does a kit weigh?
      A: Not enough to slow you down! Antiks weigh less than 100 grams for a complete kit. Shenanigans weigh less than 30 grams for a complete kit.

    Company Policies

    1. Q: What is your warranty?
      A: Please refer to our Policies.

    2. Q: What is your return policy?
      A: Please refer to our Policies.

    3. Q: I crashed and my kit was badly damaged.  Can I get a new kit?
      A: We're sorry to hear that you crashed and we hope you're okay! Our kits are designed to sacrifice themselves to protect your frame. We do have a crash replacement policy and we'll give you a discount on a new kit. Contact Us for details.