Get Stoked

What gets you stoked?

For us, it's riding bikes on dirt. From early morning dawn patrol to high alpine wide-open views, getting out and riding is our passion. 

Frame damage is the kryptonite to our stoke. We weren't finding a product good enough for the abuse our bikes were taking and one that was easy to install on our own. That's how the idea for Uplnd Stoke was born.

Uplnd Stoke is a small team of avid mountain bikers who saw a need for better frame protection. We spend a lot of time designing and testing to give you the best product available. Our premium frame protection will give you the same peace of mind that it gives us. 

Uplnd Stoke designs and manufactures our products in Durango, Colorado. We are just a few pedal strokes from our favorite trails that serve as the perfect testing grounds to ensure our products hold up under all types of conditions.
We get stoked to see so many bikes with Uplnd Stoke ~ #getstoked

~ Protect your Bike. Protect your Stoke. ~