Uplnd Crew

Kris is the owner and technical mastermind behind design and production of Uplnd Stoke's products. Hailing from southwestern Colorado, Kris has been riding bikes for over 15 years and has worked on thousands of bikes over the course of his 10 years as a bike mechanic. He knows where and how bikes break and therefore has the real-world knowledge to prevent damage.



Favorite bike: Kona Process 153
Favorite ride: San Rafael Swell freeriding
Favorite memory: Exploring Velocity Basin for the first time








Amy wears several hats with Uplnd Stoke. From sales to marketing to production, her decades of riding, racing and organizing mountain bike events is translating to getting all bikes equally protected. Her free time is spent outside riding with friends and can easily talk up why protecting your bike is a good idea! 

Favorite bike: Yeti SB5c Beti
Favorite ride: Cap't Ahab, Moab
Favorite memory: Surviving endless Squamish BC rocks slabs


Eddie helped launch Uplnd Stoke. Hailing from the Teton region, he has a background in business and statistics. Eddie rides mountain and road bikes every chance he gets.

Favorite bike: Pivot Firebird
Favorite ride: Red Mountain Pass
Favorite memory: Riding Mt. Antero